Cats do not sleep in an ash-tray or a wood-pecker position. Their sleeping positions are more complex. They fall asleep on their side or roll up into a ball. Our cat's sleeping position depends on many factors: whether it feels safe, which sleeping phase is it in, whether it is warm.

SPHINX - the cat takes a nap in this position or remains in the state of half-alert. This position is typical when a cat feels insecure, not completely safe or relaxed. If a danger appears, it can jump quickly and be ready for his rival's attack.

BALL - the cat is lying on its side, rolled up into a ball, its back paws touch its head and its tail is rolled over its body  covering its nose. This position is typical for a deep sleep and it allows the cat to keep warm.

ON THE SIDE - this position tells us that the cat is relaxed and feels safe. Its belly is well-visible which is a sign of trust. It can also mean that the cat is very hot.

ON THE BACK - with its paws up - it means a complete relax. If your cat sleeps in this position, you are both very lucky because you managed to create a relationship with the cat which makes it feel completely safe.

ON THE MASTER - cats rolled up into a ball on our knees, legs, arm, head or neck love us very much. Remember to massage the dead arm, leg or neck after the cat's nap...