Dogs have a high I.Q. and eagerly learn simple as well as more complicated tricks.

PAW! Even puppies are able to give a paw to their master. They still remember the movements of their paw in order to get to their mother's nipples to start milk production. The command should consist of one word only. It is necessary to repeat it several times, showing at the same time what the dog should do. You cannot forget to reward the dog when it manages to execute the command. After some time, the dog will start to give you the paw itself.

STAND! The dog must learn the sit command first! The next step can be the stand command. When the dog is sitting, we catch its front paws and teach it to stand on its back paws. Then, we leave one of the front paws slowly and without any stress and then the second one. After a few trainings, the dog should start keeping the balance.

DANCE! This is an advanced form of the above-mentioned trick. It is based on teaching the dog how to move and make at least few steps on its back paws. The best way is to repeat this exercise to the same music in order to make it possible for the dog to remember the melody. In this way, next time, the dog can perform this advanced trick by itself when it hears the melody. Perhaps it can ask you to dance with it?!

How many calories does an adult dog need?
SMALL DOG: below 10kg - 120kcal; miniature - 90kcal on 1kg of body weight.
MEDIUM DOG: 10-25kg - 70kcal on 1 kg of body weight.
BIG DOG: over 25kg - 50kcal on 1kg of body weight.