Get to know the breed

Boxer - full of energy
Country - Germany
Height - 53-56 cm
The coat colour: yellowish, in different shades from light yellow to dark red, also red and yellow, all shades can be tabby-point.
Character - active, robust, friendly for children, loving long walks as well as running and active playing in the fresh air.

BOXER - a cheerful and active friend
Moist, huge eyes and wide paws, vivid temper, joy, willingness to play - this is a short description of a small boxer. Puppies are small and cute but later they turn into adult  boxers which seem to be dangerous and menacing. However, they are still very friendly and willing to play. Their fur is short-haired, hard and adhering which makes the big muscles more visible. Brabantine Bullenbeisser is considered to be the direct ancestor of a boxer. This dog helped men in hunting for big wild game as early as in the Middle Ages.

A boxer is a very energetic and courageous dog. It can be stubborn but it can be subject to dog training if you are a little patient. It is not a coach potato, so if we want to invite a boxer to our house for a long time we ought to like sport and spend the time actively with a dog of this breed every day.